Discord Live Video Product Document

Oct 30, 2022 08:05 PM
Software Product Development
Discord with Video Streaming/Video Sharing Feature
PRODUCT METAPHOR: Discord: Better communication with friends while gaming
FEATURES: More ways to be communicative with discord users, video calls, screen sharing, introducing users to webhooks.
ONE SENTENCE: A feature to branch streamers and content creators out more other than Twitch and YouTube.
Users who don’t have access to streaming software like Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo, and the list continues would like to find an alternative way to support and watch their favorite streamers.
The new feature allows users to watch videos or live streams on Discord. By having a tab/option in Discord dedicated to videos/live streams, many people can watch these contents with their online friends or server members while getting live reactions and sharing the experience (similar to a watch party). The feature can also be used to help improve connections and provide a way to watch videos with others on an online platform. Using this feature, the content creator could add "connections" to other platforms so that they can expand their audience and viewership. Then the viewer can use Discord to see other platforms that the content creator is on to find and share entertainment with online friends.
Live Streams on Discord can be an improvement on their share screen feature while providing a server to communicate with streamers and viewers. This could also help connect the audience with the content creator while also providing opportunities for the audience to expand and connect with one another. Then the live stream could be a video that can be easily shared with the new feature and let people decide when and how to watch the content the creator makes.
Overall, the video-sharing feature on Discord would provide the gaming community with a better way to connect with each other and share even more experiences with each other through video-sharing and live reactions.
We’re assuming that users are above 18 of age and have technical abilities to play, pause, and report unusual content.
  1. SmallSam#5427 wants to see videos with his online friends from Discord so that they can make live reactions and comments from far apart but still hang out with one another.
  1. BinkyMa#8013 wants to interact with her favorite streamers who are on Twitch, but her Twitch account was banned, so she searches up her favorite streamers on Discord to see what they are doing and be able to comment and like their stream through Discord Server.
  1. HungryMint#7671 wants to share their favorite creator's content to the Discord server so they can help support the creator.
Discord being a worldwide application of communication has helped connect millions of people on the internet. Being able to connect many users to different communities and friends can lead to the use of the video-sharing feature to be widely used for sharing video contact with friends and people across the internet. By also having the ability to share video contact with servers, people can host bigger events on Discord. Also, videos are one of the most important mediums of communication in the 21st century. Having more video content not only engages more users but also makes it easier for users to be entertained who don’t know how to read or write. They still can enjoy the video graphic contents that are educational.
This new feature could also cause a “Boom” in the app worldwide, inviting people from different countries, languages, cultures, and interests to join it. Just the USA itself represents 30% of the users of discord, and considering that the majority of the US population speaks English, the content available on the platform right now is not linguistically diverse as other platforms.
The video-sharing feature could cause harm to users or contact creators in many ways. Video-sharing on Discord could be used to create hate servers or generate misinformation quickly on certain contact, contact creators, or other users. With Live Streams, IP Addresses could leak from Discord’s end and can cause connection problems or in the worst case Swatting for the contact creator or other users. Other harm that can be caused by the video-sharing feature would be allowing the users to impersonate contact creators and use their videos to lure viewers to either falsely support the contact creator or spread misinformation about the creator.
Since discord is a more bolder and uncensored, content would be more harming than helping depending on which server and which streamer it is. Content-wise a lot of harm can be done via live video content such as sharing pornographic materials, self-harming videos, sharing violent crimes on camera that are triggering to people, etc. Also, whether underage children should have access to the feature is a question itself. This could be a harm because of how bad of a name it could give Discord. Not only that, if younger audiences are witnessing the bad that most people might bring out on discord, it could lead to even more bigger problems which might end with problems with the law.
One of the biggest challenges of implementing this feature would be filtering and stopping harmful and sensitive videos when someone starts streaming them. For this, we’ll need sophisticated AI algorithms that can stop this as soon as the user (streamer) starts filming one of the sensitive content category videos. Also, the AI won’t be able to catch 100% of the sensitive content so we’ll need technical & trained moderators 24/7 to moderate the user-reported content.
Another big challenge is the storage needed for such long LIVE videos. The storage problem is always a big problem for companies and when we want to implement such a feature that contains videos that are hours long, we have to take into consideration the cost-benefit analysis of implementing this.
Technically, hosting LIVE videos is another big challenge because whenever, say a celebrity wants to go LIVE and 100,000 people join at the same time, that’s a big load on the server. We’ll need a dedicated team of engineers to support this feature at all times.
On the business side, monetizing the feature is also a challenge. In this case, we may want to make this feature premium or have other subscription systems that help both the content creator and the Discord company.
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