Graphic Designer Intern

Graphic Designer Intern


I’ll pay you to learn.

I’m hiring a rockstar graphic designer.
You’ll work with me to help me create graphics for my digital contents.
</> Naturally curious and thirsty to learn. At any time, if I scroll through your YouTube feed, I’ll find self-help, learning, productivity related videos. You strive for growth.
</> You read books & You can talk about a topic without preparation for 30 minutes.
</> Forte in Adobe suits (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.). Having skills in other tools/areas like Figma, Canva, Video Editing, etc. is a PLUS.
</> You have good command in English and can communicate your ideas clearly
</> You’re passionate about education and empowering students
</> Hustler attitude and knack for visual storytelling
</> You strive for constructive criticism and you learn from your mistakes
</> No minimum experience required & No educational restrictions required as long you meet the criteria above.
Job Responsibilities
</> Make posters, logos, and other graphic contents for social media & websites
</> Conceptualize visuals based on requirements
</> Prepare rough draft and present ideas
</> Test graphics across various media
Why should you join?
</> You get to be part of the innovative projects I handle on a day to day basis
</> You’ll be one of the early muscles at Rubriked
</> You’ll be my learning partner and as I learn things, you’ll get access to the ocean of  online resources that I have
</> You’re going to be credited and featured in my online profiles and companies from time to time
</> You’ll work with a vision and mission in mind (to empower the young learners all across the globe)
</> You get my personal mentorship & career support.
Hours, Compensation, Expectations
</> You’ll need to work for 4 days a week, 5hrs/day. You can choose two days of your choice of the week, and I’ll set the other two. The job is remote and you should have a stable internet connection and a laptop/PC.
</> The hours throughout the day are flexible upon your choice, unless I have some urgency.
</> You’ll be paid 5,000 BDT per month.
</> You’ll also get access to the courses/products that I use from time to time, starting with premium access to the Masterclass(dot)com.
</> You’re expected to be creative with designs and constantly apply your learning. You’re also expected to make the best use of the job time.
</> Since I might not have assignments for you from time to time, I’ll send you resources (books, videos, articles, etc.) for you to mandatorily go through in the job allocated time. Nothing else, you’re paid to learn.
</> In total value, you’ll be getting 10x the monetary compensation mentioned above.
Ideal Candidates for this Position
Ideal Candidates would be those who already have graduated from highschool/university and can commit fully to the job allocated time. This is no part time job and if you have heavy academic work or other commitments, I strongly discourage you to apply because you won’t be able to allocate enough time to the demands for this job. If you’re on a gap year, this is a fantastic position for you.
Your job will be under Rubriked and the title would be “Graphic Designer Intern at Rubriked”.
Questions? Email at (I won’t be taking questions via DM or comments)
Apply here: ⬇️
Deadline: 20th June (applications will be reviewed on rolling basis)